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Vision Healthcare announces the acquisition of Sensilab

Vision Healthcare reached an agreement with the shareholders of Sensilab SA for the acquisition of 100% of the shares in Sensilab d.o.o. (“Sensilab” or the “Company”), a high growth EU-wide direct-to-consumer consumer health house of brands.

Sensilab was established in 2005 and is headquartered in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The Company has a strong position in the production and distribution of VMS, weight loss and sports nutrition products with brands like Sensilab, SlimJoy, Tummy Tox, PowGen and others. In 2020, Sensilab achieved net sales of c. €44m and demonstrated a sound level of profitability. The company was founded in 2005 as a pharmaceutical producer. Since then, Sensilab has pivoted and grown into an e-commerce house of branded products active in 17 European countries. Vision Healthcare’s expertise combined with Sensilab’s market presence will provide the Vision Healthcare group with the optimal conditions to launch its next growth wave. The Company has in-house manufacturing capabilities where they produce their own brands and renowned 3rd party goods.

The acquisition is in line with Vision Healthcare’s strategy to further consolidate its leading health-tech platform for direct-to-consumer VMS and beauty and personal care products in Europe. With the acquisition of Sensilab, Vision Healthcare overall revenue surpasses the threshold of €200m.

Yvan Vindevogel, CEO of Vision Healthcare says: “The acquisition of Sensilab is once again an outstanding match with Vision Healthcare’s strategy. We are looking forward to integrating Sensilab in our group and expanding our presence in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. We’ll be able to combine our digital knowhow and capabilities with Sensilab’s own digital expertise to further boost the development of our digital platform and consolidate our presence in the growing and fast developing markets we’re operating and developing in. Following the acquisition of Naturamed in the Nordics in December 2020, we’re excited to be able to set another important step towards the further consolidation of the D2C online market, the establishment of a pan-European direct-to-consumer platform, where Central Europe plays a key role. I am convinced that with our support Sensilab will grow to the next level, together with the other add-on M&A targets on which we are working, and which will all further reinforce the group’s integrated operations and external growth.”